The Bonus Accumulator Forum is here!

Platinum Members can view the forum here:

Bonus Accumulator, apart from being the best way to make money from casino offers, is now, officially, the only advantage play casino site with a full forum for its members.

What are the benefits of Bonus Accumulator having a forum?

Well, the forum provides you with:

  • Easy access to unrivalled, and often instantaneous, help and support from Bonus Accumulator staff and our thousands of experienced members;
  • The opportunity to greatly enhance your profits through thousands of members sharing information on hidden and/or time-limited casino bonuses and offers they find which can be taken advantage of.
  • The chance to improve your casino profit-making abilities by gaining knowledge and insights from highly experienced, ‘pro’ members, many of whom have been making money from casino offers and bonuses for years already.
  • The ability not to miss out on any new casino offers – be they a signup, reload, hidden, time-limited or other type of offer – by allowing you to get notifications direct to your mobile.
  • The opportunity to see other members’ reported profits, via the monthly and annual profit threads, and to be inspired by what’s truly possible with the casino strategy – particularly when you complete the volume of positive expected value (+EV) offers it requires!

Want access to the forum and all its benefits?

That's easy! All you have to do is signup to the Bonus Accumulator Premium Membership, which is just £17.99 a month.

Alternatively, if you want to see what casino offers are all about first and see what kind of profits our members are making then we'd recommend to join our free Facebook Group here. There are over 2000 members and all of our team happy to answer any questions you may have.