A New and Improved Advantage Casino Play Strategy

Making money from advantage casino play

Taking advantage of casino bonuses, promotions and offers to make money is hardly a new concept. For some years now many of us who have focused on profiting through matched betting on sports bonuses have also dabbled to some extent on profiting from casino offers too. Quite a few of us have done more than dabble though and subsequently, at the end of each year have come away with substantial extra profits on top of those that we already made through matched betting.

Just take a look at these reported profits for 2019 from matched bettors who originally started on sports and then added in advantage casino play too...

2019_Profits_Matched_Betting_and_Casino3 2019_Profits_Matched_Betting_and_Casino2 2019_Profits_Matched_Betting_and_Casino 2019_Profits_Matched_Betting_and_Casino4

(If you’re a member of our matched betting sister site, OUTPLAYED.com, you can see these and more 2019 annual profit reports for yourself in the forum here).

Despite being substantial, these profits were made based on what we now know to be a less than optimal strategy.

Now, imagine for a second what profits could be achieved if the very best advantage casino play strategy was used instead?

Well, now we don’t have to imagine– as Bonus Accumulator has brought this new and improved strategy right to us!



What is this advanced casino strategy and why is it better than the traditional approach?

To understand the new strategy and why it’s better than the old approach we first have to make sure we know how the old strategy works. Now this does involve a bit of maths – but it’s fortunately not as complicated as you think it would be!


The traditional matched betting casino strategy.

The old strategy used the following information to work out the Expected Value (EV) of a casino offer:

Expected Profit from Bonus Amount (or Free Spins) - Expected Loss from Wagering

So, if a casino offer had an expected profit of £2.50, then an expected loss of £3 our expected value overall would be minus 50p, as shown here:

£2.50 - £3.00 = -£0.50 EV

We then wouldn’t have done this offer as it has a negative EV, and we only ever do positive expected value offers.

Here’s an example of another casino offer which has an expected profit from bonus of £4 and expected wagering loss of £3 and therefore a positive expected value overall:

£4.00 - £3.00 = +£1.00 EV

All make sense so far? Great!

Now, the bit we are going to focus on next is how we work out the Expected Loss from Wagering in the expected value, or EV, equations above.

Expected Loss is worked out in the following way:

Amount to be wagered multiplied by (RTP -1)

For example, if we had to wager a total of £100 on a slot with a 97% RTP, then the Expected Loss would be minus £3.

£100 x (0.97 – 1) = -£3.00

If we had to wager a total of £100 on a slot with a 98.5% RTP, then the Expected Loss would be minus £1.50.

£100 x (0.985 – 1) = -£1.50

This makes sense with what we know already about RTP (Return to Player) too – because the higher the RTP the better for us as we know we’re more likely to get a return whilst wagering.

The problem with this expected loss equation though is that it assumes when we are doing an offer that we will always complete the full £100 of wagering.

As many of you will already know this is often not the case as we might bust out before we complete all the wagering.

As an example, say 100,000 of us have all deposited £25 in order to complete this £100 of wagering. Some of us might bust out having just wagered a total of £25 (if we were very unlucky that day!). Others of us might bust out having just wagered £40, others £50, others £60 and so on. Only a proportion of us will actually complete the full £100 in wagering.

Yet, the expected loss equation above assumes we ALL complete the full £100 in wagering.

What’s the problem with it making this assumption though? Well, it results in the Expected Values we calculate being a bit off, or in other words, quite inaccurate.

Why is an EV being inaccurate an issue?

Well the biggest issue is that we can end up missing doing offers because they appear as –EV when they are, in actual fact, +EV!

Missing doing loads of offers because we think they are –EV when they’re actually not means we are missing out on loads of opportunities to profit.

As advantage casino players we follow EV, and the more EV we can get our hands on the more profit we can make. This is because profits in the strategy we use aren’t based on luck but on the volume of +EV that we can work our way through.


So how do we solve this major issue of this equation costing us +EV offers?

With the advanced approach on Bonus Accumulator!


The new and improved advanced casino strategy

So how does the new strategy fix this issue?

Well, it does it by NOT assuming that we all complete the full £100 in wagering.

How does it do this?

By simulating what would actually happen if 100,000 (and sometimes more) people did the offer, then calculating what the actual amount wagered, on average, by all these people would be.

The new expected loss equation then becomes:

Simulated average amount to be wagered multiplied by (RTP -1)

Using our two examples from above for calculating the expected loss – let’s say the simulator worked out that the wagering amount was actually on average £65 instead of the full £100.

£100 x (0.97 – 1) = -£3.00 now becomes £65 x (0.97-1) = -£1.95 in expected loss


£100 x (0.985 – 1) = -£1.50 now becomes £65 x (0.985-1) = -£0.98 in expected loss

If we now use the new expected loss value of the 97% RTP slot, so -£1.95 instead of -£3, and enter it into our previous Expected Value Calculations from above...

£2.50 - £3.00 = -£0.50 EV now becomes £2.50 - £1.95 = +£0.55 EV


£4.00 - £3.00 = +£1.00 EV now becomes £4.00 - £1.95 = +£2.05 EV

So instead of just one offer being +EV, both now are.

The advanced casino strategy has unlocked a new +EV offer for us to do and therefore unlocked the chance for more profits too!




The advanced casino strategy doesn’t just stop there either

So although we’ve just seen how the advanced casino strategy on Bonus Accumulator has unlocked tons more casino offers for us to profit from, when it comes to enhancing the positive EV available for us it doesn’t just stop there either.

The simulator has other tricks up its sleeve too which also lead to more accurate calculations of offer EVs.

One example is that it can also tell us what the optimal stake amount is to use in order to get the best possible EV when wagering a bonus. Using only minimum stakes is no longer always the best approach – sometimes larger stakes of £1 or £2 are better.

Remember – because profits in the advantage casino play strategy we use aren’t based on luck but on the volume of +EV we can work through – anytime we can increase the +EV available to us then the better our profits will end up being.



If you’re a Premium Member of Bonus Accumulator you can learn more about the simulator and how it helps us in this guide here. Also, when you get a personal casino offer in your email you can also try inputting the details into the simulator yourself and see if you get a +EV. Just like Sophia kindly explains that she did here...


If you need help at anytime with the simulator or anything else just ask in the Facebook Group.


Thanks to the new strategy Bonus Accumulator is not just raining +EV it’s pouring in it!

The sign-up offers on Bonus Accumulator alone have a total +EV in excess of £3000. Yes, you read that right – a total positive expected value in excess of three thousand pounds!

Furthermore, around £700 of this +EV is just from low-risk casino offers alone.

Alongside all this sign-up value there is also at least £650 in +EV available per month from casino reload offers too!

This much +EV on casino offers in one single place literally can’t be found anywhere else – and our members are already reaping the rewards. Just look at some of their profits from the very first month that Bonus Accumulator launched!

FB-Casino-Efficient-Quick-Win-6days1Kclub FB-1282profit-14days FB-Casino-Efficient-Quick-1400profit_15days


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