Bonus Accumulator Monthly Member Profits – April 2020

Bonus Accumulator has certainly started with a bang! Over 4000 members signed up just within the first week of launch. We always knew there were lots of people keen to start profiting from casino offers but even we were blown away.

Bonus Accumulator was designed with a single goal in mind - to help people make money from casino offers in a way that’s never been possible before.

After many months of meticulous planning and hard work, one month into launch we now have the chance to see if we are delivering.

So just how much have our members made taking advantage of casino this month?

We asked our members to report their first month’s profits on our dedicated Facebook Group.

We’ve picked out a few of their answers below...


Sorry, just a quick reminder that all profits made are tax free! 🙂

Now here are their profits for April:








To see the full range of responses and advice from people then please visit our free Facebook Community Page.

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